Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (Hard)

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Here is a transcription of Orbital Drop Shock Trooper from Halo 3: ODST.

Credits to Benjamin Bergem aka. The Halo-Dragon for his transcription of this song (http://rampancy.net/blog/HaloDragon/28/11/2009/Orbital_Drop_Shock_Troopers), as I relied rather heavily on his version for the middle section (specifically, bars 69-111, which is almost identical to his version).

This version attempts to incorporate more of the orchestral parts.

The midi took quite a bit of fiddling with dynamics and articulation, but I think it turned out pretty well this time.

As always, pedaling, dynamics and articulation are left to the pianist's discretion, the sheet music is just a guideline.

Share and enjoy!

6 Dec 09: Slightly edited.
9 Dec 09: Edited again.

Difficulty: Quite Hard

Attachment includes:

  • Sheet music (.pdf)
  • Midi sequence (.mid)
  • Finale Notation file (.mus, .bak)

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Hey! It's 3:43 seconds long!
(I think the real one is as well, I won't bother to check)
Still, this is insanely good.

Nice! When I transcribed I was more focused on the difficulty and thought alot about the hands. I have alot of these files which it's insanely hard to play, so I decided to cut some octaves and stuff.

Btw, measures 10-20 ARE chords.

This is pretty awesome! By far the best piece in the ODST soundtrack and this is a pretty good rendition of it :)