Narcogen, Need more info, Man!

Hey Narcogen,

I am greatfull for all your insights and comments to a new person like me, but in most of them , theres not enough information. E.g. On my rumors blog, about the golden warthog and stuff, you only answerd with little things like theres no golden warhog or yellow banshee. I am the type of person who owns canpaign, and gets bored quikly, so i search the web for cheats,secrets,easter eggs and rumors. So as you can see, i am very intrested in all these rumors and i would like it alot more if you could slow down and take more time with these. Now i relise that you have more important things to do than comment on my blogs, but i put them up for a reason, and i go through alot of detail to bring other interested people, simple,easy and detailed steps to do things that they would like.Now on a diffrent note, i never got to play Halo2 online, which i am dissapointed about, so couldnt get caught with mods and alterd saves, but you said very rudely, that Neither Bungie Nor Rampancy were intrested about fans with mods, when, i dont have a mod, i legally own, or hire games and respect companies that put there money and time into games for the genrel public. Also, my friend is the type of person who would play 1 level repetantly. Like on campaign, he always like, OH I WANNA PLAY METREOPPOLIS, YEAH, THAT ONE DOOD!!. So i dont like you saying that about him or I.

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!