Holy 5hit, over 350, G0ddam

Holy 5hit all,

I was just going through my blogs and i was amazed to fing, after being a member for only 2-3 weeks, i foung all up my blogs have been read over 350 reads, holy crap halo fans!!

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!



Not to burst your bubble, but are you combining all the reads on all entries? Because the most I see for any one entry is about 120 reads.. and there are a lot more RSS subscribers to R.net than that, and each of their loads of the summary for your entry would count as one.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Hey Narcogen,

Thats okay, i don't really care about the amount of posts ive got, but thanks for telling me.Now while im typing to you, i ve just noticed that on H2,3 there is an embelem choice called rampancy. Of all things, why is this site named after that?? X(

-Skull-Seeker 4 Life!!