The Halo-Dragon provided the notes for this arrangement. All I did was use Finale NotePad 2004 to put it into a simpler time signature: 3/4.

What you should know about this arrangement:
1) About 135 beats per minute for quarter notes.
2) It is written as a piano solo.
3) Is is 3 pages long, and all the pages are .png files.
4) Most of the credit for this should go to The Halo-Dragon, as he provided most of the notes.
5) The first four measures should actually be in 4/4, where a dotted quarter note in 3/4 is a normal quarter note.
6) Difficulty (From a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the easiest): Probably a 1.5-2.

Now, you may be wondering "Why are the three pages three separate files?" The answer to that query is simple: Finale NotePad 2004 only allows something like 1.25 pages for files with only one instrument.

Best of luck playing it, and let me know what you think.

By the way, The Halo-Dragon was the one who figured out all of the notes used. I just put them in 3/4 to make reading the notes easier.

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It's very nice that you tried to 'improve' my arrangement, even though you kind of simplified it(you just used a different time signature).
The best time signature to use is 12/8 because in the beginning there's four beats, and it keeps the same beats throughout the song. I used 4/4 in my arrangement and I realised that it would be harder to read it later, lol.
3/4 is wrong by the way. It's mostly used for three beats. You want two beats; 6/8 is the right one for that.

That's just my two cents, thanks anyway!

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Ah, yes, but 12/8 can be a real pain.

Technically, there are no "wrong" time signatures, just time signatures that are easier to use than others. For example, 6/8 would be the proper signature to use for the very reason that you stated, but 4/4 is okay also; it's just a lot harder to manipulate to get proper note lengths.

By the way, thanks for your input.

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It depends where and when you use 12/8.

Yes, there are no wrong time signatures, my bad. What I meant to say is that the time signatures can also be used the wrong way. Time signatures is used to make it easier to read music but mostly to show beats:
2/4 = 6/8
3/4 = 9/8
4/4 = 12/8

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