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Behold A Pale Horse Sheet Music

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This is a transcription of the song "[b]Behold A Pale Horse[/b]", written by Martin O'Donnell, transcribed by mike poe.

I have transcribed the majority of this piece. (from the beginning of the song to the percussive section that can also be heard in the first "Halo 3 Live Action Short")

This song can be heard during the second half of the level "[b]The Ark[/b]" in Halo 3.

If possible I will later finish the song and add the part that is heard during the scene with the waterfall in the background, when the Chief finds the cartogropher

The finale mus. file is somewhat distorted. To be able to see it clearly click (ctrl+E)while in finale, this should change the sheetmusic to scroll view, giving better definition.



How do you download the sheet music??

am i retarded or are there no links?

lol while i doubt ur retarded, the links are there (zip file and mp3), at one point i did notice that for sum reason they werent showing up, but as of this comment they are listed and work, at least on my end.

if u still are unable to see them, tell me and ill re-upload them. hopefully that wont be neccessary

still doesn't work

[quote=kreigskamerad]am i retarded or are there no links?[/quote]

No, you just haven't read the instructions:

Rampant for over se7en years.

WOW this sounds nice for a finale sheet. You sure you are not Martin O'Donel who works here secretly? :p . Or you have lots (tons) of talent, 2: (maybe your Martin O'Donnel son = joke) or 3 this is the originale sheet witch i doubt cause i never seen originals online so all i can say GREAT WORK! & Keep this up.

What program do i need to open the sheet music???

[quote=Annihilator38]What program do i need to open the sheet music???[/quote]

Rampant for over se7en years.

That's what I was wondering too, how?? with wat program do u use to open the sheet music?

[quote=Rene Gonzalez]That's what I was wondering too, how?? with wat program do u use to open the sheet music?[/quote]

It's at the top of the sheet music page.

Rampant for over se7en years.

i have the file but i cant open it becuase i dont know which program to use becuase adobe reader wont work microsoft wont work. can you please tell.

wait wut do i press and how do i download the sheet music?