Black Tower - Piano/Keyboard

This is a keyboard transcription of the second half of "Black Tower" from the Halo 3 soundtrack.
A beautiful piece for either piano or preferably keyboard with a strings patch. Enjoy!

[b]Medium:[/b] Piano/Keyboard
[b]Difficulty(1-5):[/b] 3

[b]Included files:[/b]
- sheet music (Black Tower - Keyboard.pdf)
- MIDI performance (Black Tower - Keyboard.mp3)
- .mid file (Black Tower (MIDI file).mid)

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How do you print out the sheet music?

Edit: Nevermind, I got it. =]

well, if you are able to open up the .pdf file them you must have Adobe Reader, if so, you should be able to simply print it in the file options.

Edit: oh lol ok

Indeed a beautiful piece, but would it be possible to have that MIDI file too ? =)

the MIDI file is up

is this the piece on the main screen, i cant seem find that one

For some reason it doesnt show the downloads..

Yes I am signed in, but no download links on any of the songs.

[quote=machineman9]For some reason it doesnt show the downloads..

Yes I am signed in, but no download links on any of the songs.[/quote]

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Awesome job dude. Thanks alot I love this piece.

Great work, it was a lot of help, thanks

That chord at the begfinning is nasty. Evil chord. Definately for string.

hah isn't it great

The first chord isn't that bad. It's just an e-minor chord with an added 9th, 11th, and 13th. That is, those are added if the song is in the key of e dorian. If the song is in e aeolian, then the added tones would be a 9th, 11th, and sharp 13th.

Nice work, this is great. It's a bit like chill out music...

I now I'm pretty,
but we gotta get to work.

I've got a question. Have you any idea who made all these halo songs? I love the music, but it would also be nice to know who wrote them down.

All music uploaded by me is made by me.
Unless you are talking about Marty O'Donnell himself, who is the composer for Bungie.

Thanks for the interest!

this piece is so sad it makes me want to cry every time i listen to it :'(