One Final Effort - Piano

This is a piano transcription/arrangement of "One Final Effort" from the Halo 3 soundtrack. Enjoy!

[b]Medium:[/b] Piano
[b]Difficulty(1-5):[/b] 4.5

[b][url=]Video demonstration and tutorial[/url][/b]
by Callum Metcher

[b]Included files:[/b]
- sheet music [i](One Final Effort - Piano.pdf)[/i]
- MIDI performance [i](One Final Effort - Piano.mp3)[/i]
- .mid file [i](One Final Effort.mid)[/i]

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Nice work!!:)


Excellent, thanks! I've been wanting to get sheets for this since I heard it in the (E3?) trailer.

It is not the E3 trailer music. i have the h3 soundtrack and they are both different.

They are very, very slightly different. One is an edited version of the other.

The E3 2007 vid starts out with the monk theme. Around 0:20 it kicks in with "One Final Effort", picking up that track at about 0:16.

The two tracks are note for note until about 1:09 on the trailer, where the track there skips to 1:29 in "One Final Effort".

Basically the 3:00 track "One Final Effort" had parts cut out of it to fit into the 2:00 E3 2007 trailer, and the monk theme was added to the front of it.

It's the same track. If you cut Beethoven's Fifth into two pieces and play them separately, you don't get two new pieces of music. You get two halves of Beethoven's fifth.

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Awesome work!!!

Thanks alot !!!!!!!!

Im a member... and i still dont see any link or anything... please help.

I am pressing open but it won't open

[quote=darklord1357]I am pressing open but it won't open[/quote]

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Does anyone know if there is sheet music for the violin

where do i click to download it? cant find it.

Nice work, now how do I tell the notes apart?!?!

heh thanks. Can you not read music?

um i dont have winzip and if i try dowloading it its 30 bucks im not paying that much just for this so can anyone help me

you can get a free version of winzip you know

:) very nice but it would be cool if it was in a midi file (.mid)

Alright, I'll add one in a bit, and start doing that to the rest.


the .mid is up

thank you so mutch 4 making it .midi !!! now I can put this song in my keyboard and learn to play it :D. i cant read sheets so this realy helps.
thank you!


my pleasure

let me know if there's anything else you want

How do u put it on Synthesia??

haha, ya me too actually, i used to be in my school band so id be like, hmmm i think thats an F. then i would look at stickers I had on the keys and play it. it takes hours to learn it that way.. funny, my friends all call me enrico. my names eric tho

just go to your local music instrument store ask for a book to learn notes and voilla

... i cant read notes neighter so i just put them in my keyboard and then i can exactly see what keys i have to press...... im getting pretty good .. just finished with maple leaf rag and i can play all of the halo songs on this site :)

........ well good luck with your notes ......... :)

................. .... yes i know i write a lot of dots ........ ;)

i listened to it, love it! thanks for getting it on piano, can't wait to start playing it. by now, i have 7 songs, enough to hold a recital, lol!

thanks! You should record that recital and post it! hah

hat kind of midi player are u using my notation player wont play it

You mean the .mid wont work for you? It should work, it's just a basic MIDI file...

it wont pay on my notation player so i was wondering what kind of midi thing are u using

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What exactly do you mean? The MIDI file wont work? It's a general MIDI file so it should work on anything fine.

This sounds stupid, but I can't find the access button to print/listen to it. Help?

That's cool, it's hard to see at times. It's under "Attachment" (under my avatar at the top) in blue.
I put an arrow there to help ;)

He won't see any there. He's posting as Anonymous, which means he isn't registered, or else he registered but didn't login, and somehow managed to avoid the half-million links to

Rampant for over se7en years.

I'm a bit confused...I registered and logged in, like it said, but I still can't find the links to the sheet music. Am I missing something?

Great Job! This is when 9+ years of lessons pays off...

where is the link to the music sheet? do we have to be a member?

yeah, you have to be a member, then it will appear next to the arrow

Just downloaded this piece and must leave my thanks for transcribing it, T'is an awesome song :)

Thought i'd let you know though, the MIDI file inside your .ZIP has no file extention, it's merely "One Final Effort (MIDI File)" Without the .mid on the end. For anyone wishing to access the file, make sure hidden file extentions are switched off (Tools -> Folder Options -> View) and add a ".mid" to the end of the file name. Works fine for me now.

Thanks again!

:O Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I wasn't aware of that, I don't know how it happened...

I added the fixed .mid to the zip attachment now so there shouldn't be anymore problems for those trying to open up the MIDI file.

Thanks again Dav3,

Awesome! It's pretty hard (yes i suck) but for all you pros it must be great.

really well done, one of the... if not the best sond up on the sheet music section

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

i'm a member, but where is the link?

[i]incredible[/i]!!! I've wanted to play this for so long!! it sounds great!!!


christ, i've seen a lot of difficult transcriptions - but this is simply amazing! well done!

I may in the future upload an easier, simplified piano version for all the casual musicians that just wanna have fun learning some halo tunes

[quote=Jonathan Churchill]I may in the future upload an easier, simplified piano version for all the casual musicians that just wanna have fun learning some halo tunes[/quote]

That would be awesome and preferred. ;)

[quote=Jonathan Churchill]I may in the future upload an easier, simplified piano version for all the casual musicians that just wanna have fun learning some halo tunes[/quote]

this one is awesome, but it would be nice if you could upload an easier version >.

Awesome dude I;ve been looking for this a long time! This is the one from the E3 trailer, right?

No, I believe what you're thinking of is Finish The Fight from the trailer, I'm actually almost done with a full score of that one. But there are very similar parts in both.

Just so you know, there is a high E (where your right hand pinky is) during the "Duhhh Duh Duhhhhhhhhhh Duh Duhhhhhhhhh".

Here is Marty playing it:

I'm not sure if this is the case in One Final Effort, but since you're doing Finish the Fight, I'm just making sure you include it.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention...


Dude this is freakin sweet...........If only I could play it!!!!!!!!! Nice job!

good job! now i just got to learn it... lol

Do you think that you might be able to add the percussion mapping?

I could, but I'm almost finished with Finish the Fight (full score) which has very similar percussion parts in it.

Hey, two questions:
1) In Finale what tool do you use to change the clef mid-measure without changing the whole measure?
2) Do you use Transcribe! for all this, or just play-it-by-ear?

If you want to change a clef mid-measure, for all I know you have to cut the measure in half (ex: 4/4 - 2/4) and make the 2/4 measure the different clef. I'm not too sure for I haven't run into this situation yet in Finale, but I'm almost positive there is a way do it without changing measure times. I'd have to mess with it a bit.

Yeah, I do all of my transcribing/arranging by ear.

Awesome now i have your stuff i need to find out how to read music properly... i know the basics but i cant tell which E for example you are supposed to play when it says play E... no chance you could email me a, E A G,.. A , G , D,.... A, g.... A + C , G ^_^ it would mean alot to me if you find the time.....

regards lath

Nicely done, is that recording of you actually? It's very well done.


[quote=Jonathan Churchill]This is a piano transcription/arrangement of "One Final Effort" from the Halo 3 soundtrack. Enjoy!

[b]Medium:[/b] Piano
[b]Difficulty(1-5):[/b] 4.5

[b]Included files:[/b]
- sheet music (One Final Effort - Piano.pdf)
- MIDI performance (One Final Effort - Piano.mp3)
- .mid file (One Final Effort.mid)

How do I download it....whenever i click the arrow it does not work

You have to register to download stuff, it takes like 2 seconds.
Here's some help: [url= To Upload Sheet Music[/url]

You are amazing

i can play the full song now.. have been practicing alot but its almost perfect now..
gona buy a cam to record it sometime.....

but ehm... thanks alot for this song

Oh cool! Can't wait to see that!

Super!! looking a lot for this song, Tanks!

Strange i can't download the files. Where are the links anyway?

Dude this is my favorite song on this website!!! If only I could play it.

This is a great transcript but something caught my eye on the second sheet.

im nowhere near a great piano player and my sight reading is rubbish
but in bar 21 the order of notes follow: c#ba c a cbc bac

I recognised this from ear, i think that the third part (cbc) sounds better as cbc#

what do u think?

reply as soon as possible please

how do i download it onto my computer?


In sheet music, accidentals carry over for all notes in a measure unless noted otherwise. ie: a C# will always be a C# in a measure even though the rest of the C's don't have the # sign.
I should have actually changed the overall key signature for this song to make it easier, I will later.
Btw, I don't mean to insult you by thinking you are stupid or anything if you do or don't know this... it just sounds to me like this is the issue.
Let me know if this helps.


Here are the detailed instructions on how to download files from the site...
[b][url= Here[/url][/b]

Awesome dude! Thanks for putting this on.

Very well done! Prob one of the best iv seen in a long time. Every note is on its mark. With a few minor errors in rythms though. But all aside, prob one of the greastest pieces ever. Hope to see more!

Awesome. I've learned to play it as well! I have 2 things to ask though:
1) Does this fit in exactly with the original piece? (I'm guessing yes because they are both about 3 minutes)
2) If the above is true, is there any way possible to remove the piano part from the actual soundtrack (if you know how)? It would be amazingly awesome to be able to play it with the orchestral backing. :)

EDIT: I checked (a few weeks ago now), it does fit PERFECTLY, and now I've learnt (sp?) it off by heart- and playing it with the original is soooo fun! Just the second question now.

Ok i whish i knew what i was doing.... How the hell do u download this stuff... omfg it is very frustrating can ne of u help me out ???!?!?!?


How do i access the files?

Yeah, how do i get it?

Guys, read what he had written 8 or 9 times!

There is a LINK...JUST CLICK IT!!
And, YES you have to be a member!

Does 190 BPM mean an eigth note = 190?

[b]In response to Andybeano:[/b]

Yes, this fits exactly with the song, it's an exact transcription -mind a few additions to beef up some parts or make them less boring as piano by itself.
The only things I really changed were:
[b]1:[/b] measures 9-13, In the bass clef I added the cues to what the strings play to beef up the thin piano overlay.
[b]2:[/b] measures 20-29, I added the main melody that the strings and leads were playing on top of the repetitive piano ostinato.
To play the actual piano part here, just continue repeating the underlying piano part (measures 16-19) and ignore the "optional string part" all the way to where the dotted line ends.
[b]3:[/b] I also added the chord structure to the last 2 measures in the bass clef to do whatever you want with.

About taking out the piano part so you can play along, there is no way to do this without the original project file.
I may do a full score arrangement of this song in the future and put up an mp3 with and without the piano part so you could play along -that would be the only way... ☹


I have no idea why I put 190 bpm. You're right though -it would mean the eighth note.
It should be [b]♩. = 128[/b] (that's dotted quarter every beat @ 128 beats per minute)
- 12/8 has a natural triplet feel, but the idea is in duplet mode, so writing 190bpm is not really a good way of subdividing the beat.

Overall, I have a a bunch of little things to change in the sheet music thats not right.

- Jon

Thanks for the reply! In case you didn't see, I edited my post above, but I'm basically going to put the edit here anyway (and some more)...

A day or two after posting the above comment, I went and checked myself; it did fit perfectly (as you said). I seemed to miss a beat somewhere when playing it (that I referred to in the previous post edit that I have now removed), but I've sorted that now and now I can play it off by heart (give or take a few notes I changed for my own benefit)! As said in the above post, it is a GREAT piece to play, especially with the original playing at the same time (even if the piano part is still there)!

Once again thank you and well done on such a fantastic arrangement!

how do i download the file?

I can't get the sheet music for some reason can you tell me how to print it out.

Great Work!!!!

I just have a quick suggestion that could make the song even better!!!

I was wondering if you could transcribe the violin part into measures 38-41?

what the heck! i'm a member (i became one just so i could get this song for piano) but i still dont see anything next to the arrow =(

sorry, what I meant was that I couldn't read it because I did not have the latest version of the Adobe program. It's now fixed. Yay for me!

dude that is amazing! but its taking me forever to get some of the fast parts...

ehm.. how can I get the music sheets, i can't find a link or anything...

[quote=Anonymous]ehm.. how can I get the music sheets, i can't find a link or anything...[/quote]

Please read the thread. Anonymous users can't download.

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I Love this song but its to hard. Too bad it isn't easier so I could play it. Great Job though.


I most likely will be making a simplified version some time.

i don't see any download links and i can't see the sheet music either
i used to be able to forsome reason and i have got finale notepad but i just can't see the music sheet
is there anychance of you sending the file to me by email....

Davis and Zeyira:

Incomplete account registration. Email me from the mail address you used at registration.

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I don't see any download link...

where's the link?


Maybe for once, if someone had the sense to actually notice the multiple links and responses on how to download sheet music (heaven forbid), then I would be glad to help you.

Actually I think that one was a joke ;)

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Hey-- I just noticed the youtube vid. I can add that to the site inline, also-- want me to?

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Yeah, so what exactly are you suggesting about the video link? Go ahead and do it -I'm just confused what you said :P
And anon, if you were joking, then I bow to you sir.

[quote=Jonathan Churchill]Yeah, so what exactly are you suggesting about the video link? Go ahead and do it -I'm just confused what you said :P
And anon, if you were joking, then I bow to you sir.[/quote]

I think he was joking.

For the video, I meant this:

If you know the URL for a YouTube video you can add it by navigating to:

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Oh ok, cool. I'll do that.

Is there any way you could add a comment box to that video post? One of the reasons I linked to Youtube was so that Callum could get some response on his video.

Yeah, that should be no problem...

In fact they should already be on.

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Perfect, thanks.

so where is the attachment file on the page?

never mind i found it

ive added a lot of videos on youtube; covenant dance; on a phale horse;impend+never forget; one final effort; believe ad; and love theme again( alittle better played)( and fur elise xD ) gona do halo 2 theme a little later forgot to record it :D almost done w/ mapple leaf rag now
search ocirne23 on youtube


Thanks!! It's just so easy and detailed at the same time, it's so great!!
Ive just been waiting to get this music sheet for like 8months because my adobe reader wasnt working!! THank you SOOOOO much!! you rock!! *mcsmiley*

This is the most awesome piece of music ever! I can play most of it. (All except for 2nd page).

Really nice pice of work! It looks really hard though...

sounds awesome now i have to work on playing it :) thanks

I need help to dl = / I registered and everything but when i DL it, its in a zipped folder.. What do i do then? I tried extracting it but it says that it is empty

Make sure you know the destination you are extracting to. Also, try downloading winzip or winrar.

If nothing works, drop me a line at my email: and I'll be glad to send you the files.

good job!

thx alot ur deh greatest!!! luv ur work!!!

Thanks!!! keep up the good work

Is there any chance you can make a solo part for this song for a Bb instrument? I play clarinet and I'd really like to be able to play this.

nice i just think a couple parts could be chords not just quarter notes but still good job


Can you get this for the violin? There is a talent show coming up and i need the violin sheet music
It'll be great if u can, if u cant no prob!


Wow. Awsome arrangement, i listened to the mp3 it gave me the shivers lol thanks for the sheets:)

wow this is extremely hard

Do u have the sheet music for the baritone?

I would also like that for baritone, but you have to specify when saying baritone. Treble or bass? I say bass.

How do u say Easy in spanish?

Facíl, I believe

Awesome! I've finally found it!

some bad spots, but mostly ok

can you write one last effort for Bb Bass Clarinet ?


I can't hear it but i cant play it and it's not what I want. please help me :(

Hey! It's me again, a year and a half later. Wow how time flies. Anyways...

I've recorded me playing it; I hope I did it justice :)

Awesome work! I am jelous ;)

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You think you can do the full score?

Awesome arrangment. Thanks! :-)
Fear the flight of the Falcon

Can someone get me a link to this for a violin part!! I really want to play this on a violin!

i've been playing it on my violin for about 3 months. just play it from ear

I am working on it. There are actually two violin parts in my transcription, so you will need 2 violin players.

really nice and helpful :)

Hi new to the site but if there's isn't one could someone link or upoload a slower video tutorial for this song for someone at grade one piano :) would be very appreciated

THAAAAAANNNK YOU! I've been looking all over the internet for this. Either I couldn't print it or I needed to buy this. Thanks again.

Can you please do an arrangement of this for piano, saxophone (tenor and alto), trumpet, bass, and guitar? That would be so greatly appreciated because we are doing a concert next month and we need a cool piece to do and this would be awesome. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Thank you so much! *mc*

Could this plz be transcribed for concert band-non orchestra? I've been dying to play this with the band.