Request Through Your Hoops.

Well i already know how to playthis song.Just need someone to transcribe it.
Heres the sketch:

NOw i need someone that can transcribe it.If yes leave your email so i can send you the notes without my touch n the song.



What do you mean by you need someone to transcribe it if you already have the notes? Do you mean you just need someone to put them into sheet music for you?

Yep.Bit not for me for everyone.THe guy who transcribe this will have all the credit.Not me....

Well you can send me the notes and I'll try to put it into sheet music for you if you'd like. Don't get me wrong though. If you are the one who figured out the notes then YOU are the transcriber. I would just be the one who arranged it for you. So credit definitely goes to you.

Na Doesnt matter.I figured the song.But you transcirbed to the sheets.Now how do i send them to you?I must say taht not all the notes are correct especially at the end.

Well that depends. If you have them saved in a file then send them to me through email. My email is in my profile under contact so just click my name.

Well this was done on FL Studio.SO ill send you the pictures.

Alright, I'll look at them as soon as you send them.