The epic piece "Orbital Drop Shock Trooper" composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori. This is a very big piece and it took a while to transcribe it, especially for piano, lots of different notes to pick between. Good luck, folks!

Degree of difficulty:

3:42 minutes
(The actual piece is 3:43 minutes)

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Sounds extremely beautiful. I like what you did with that! Now I wonder if it's playable...

Nice work!

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Thanks! And yes it's playable. Just use the pedal sometimes.

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You're a genius, man! But that took quite a while to make though. I was waiting for ages for your next piece to come out! Nevertheless, incredible work!

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Dude you are god of transcribing music! This is great, awesome job!

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It's good. but it lacks the effect of the full orchestra percussion and such
I like this though, don't get me wrong.
Yeah I agree this would take a while to transcribe.

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When you transcribe a big orchestra piece, like this, for the piano, you aren't supposed to give it full orchestra effect and percussion. It would be impossible to play on the piano. The way you want to transcribe is the necessary notes and beats to give the "feel", not to perform the whole 60 orchestra on one piano. However, I can agree that I rushed a bit at the end.

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It's actually not that hard. It's a really awesome transcription. I love playing this piece, it's just so awesome, and there isn't a flaw in sight.

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Awesome piece! It's easy enough to be fun, but hard enough for a challenge!

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dude, i've been downloading and attempting to play your pieces for a long time. you rock man! i wish i had your amazing talent for listening and composing. :D keep it up! this piece rocks!