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Halo 4 - Belly of the Beast (Piano Sheet Music)


This is my transcription of 'Belly of the Beast' (from the Halo 4 soundtrack) for piano.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Enjoy :)

Package icon Belly Of The Beast.zip80.73 KB


I think beat three of measure 16 (and the other similar measures) should be G natural instead of sharp. Other than that, great arrangement!

Thanks for the correction :D
I would change it, but I'm afraid that if I re-upload, the spam filter might block me and this post(based on past experiences...)
But, again, thanks for the correction!

If you have trouble attaching a new file, send me a message, and I'll either make sure you don't get marked spam, or I'll post the new file myself.

Do you think you could do an arrangement for E flat alto saxophone?