A Brief History of Halo Livestream

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A Brief History of Halo Livestream

Playing some Reach Firefight and talking about old Halo games.

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E3 Impressions from DBO

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DBO E3 Impressions

The DBO crew, ncsuDuncan, GrimBrother One, and Claude Errera talk about their experiences at E3 this year.

Angry Joe Interviews Urk And Deej

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Destiny - Angry Joe Interview

The Angry Joe Show interviews Urk and Deej of Bungie.

Once again thanks to Xenos in the DBO Forum:

DigitalTrends Interviews Eric "Urk" Osborne About Destiny

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The solar system is your playground

Thanks to Xenos who pointed this interview out in the DBO Forum:

Destiny Reveal Coming In 'A Matter Of Weeks'

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Bungie Community Theatre, Act Two

In the second installment of Bungie Community Theater, Deej says that Bungie has been working for years "under the cover of darkness" on a new universe, but that what they've been creating will be unveiled "within a matter of weeks".

I say if he's wrong, the tiger should eat him.

Major Nelson Interviews Marty O'Donnell

Major Nelson of Xbox Live did a short video interview with Bungie's Audio Director, Marty O'Donnell, at E3 in 2006. This DivX version is transcoded from the QuickTime version courtesy of HBO's Louis Wu.

For those who don't want to bother with the download there is a transcript available.

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