What do you think of Cold Storage?

24% (124 votes)
38% (191 votes)
Chill out was better.
13% (64 votes)
I blame Shishka.
26% (130 votes)
Total votes: 509
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I actually do blame Shishka. What a jerk.

Its a wast of a map. its small, and to me i thought it was boring. chillout was better and i gues its cool as in it sucks, and WTH is shishka.

is a Bungie employee. you haven't watched enough ViDocs...

Was a Bungie employee. He's at Certain Affinity now as a technical artist, but still does work on Halo stuff.


Rampant for over se7en years.

Shishka is a Bungie member who is always mentioned on bungie's website, and i really think Chill Out was better, mainly because I'm a Halo CE (Combat Evolved) Fan.

I liked it but there was a couple things missing. Below the uneven platforms branching out there is suppose to be blocks (broken pieces of bridge). They could have but some flood containment box that holds flood (infection form)


It's probably my favorite map. I'm a close-combat player so this map is perfect for me.

It's ok, I guess.. not that bad.