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Please respond need help
what is absolutly everything you need in order to be able to record a halo 2 video, and then put it on your computer?
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Things you need

You need an Xbox, Halo 2, a video capture card for your PC or an external video converter; something that will take a video signal from your Xbox, either as composite, compoenent, or S-video, and turn it into something a computer program on your PC (or Mac) can store-- usually that connection would be FireWire (IEEE1394) or USB2.

Search Google for words like Canopus, Pinnacle, Dazzle and you'll find examples of what you need.

On the software side, all you need is something like Windows Movie Maker or Apple's iMovie.


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alright so um basically all y
alright so um basically all you are saying is that i need a video capture card is all?, then i can edit that video with windows movie maker? and do you knwo if i could jsut buy a video capture card somewhere like bestbuy or something...and same with windows movie maker? thanks
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