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Map glitch
I saw this on a webpage a while ago: This glitch will unlock the Foundation map, even if you don't xbox live. If you play the last level in campaign in co-op mode, using one profile which has allready beaten the game, and a fresh one, and in the latter part of the level (when you have the banshees) you let the player with the fresh profile do two barrel-rolls, one in each direction, and a loop-the-loop, and then finish the game as usual, you can then choose the Foundation map from the multiplayer, if you use that fresh profile. Anyway, I wondered if anyone knew any other glitches that unlock new multiplayer maps. I don't have xbox live, so I can't download new maps.
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Not a glitch

This isn't a glitch. It's one of the ways Bungie originally intended users to "unlock" Foundation. However, many users couldn't get it to work, which is why they unlocked it through XBL for everyone.

It is the only unlockable map on the Halo 2 disc. Others are being released on disc and through XBL over the next few months.


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