Practice Scrimage

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Practice Scrimage
Hey everyone, hope yall are having a good day and everything that comes with it. :) My clan is working on improving itself, we have been practicing, practicing....and well you know...more practice. We wanna put our scrimages up to the test by having formidable apponents to face. Its nothing serious, its just a test run for all, its also a great chance for another clan who may wanna test there scrimages against us. I invite all who are willing to give this a chance and get some practice in. We are serious gamers, this will be serious practice, so only serious gamers need to apply. We do our scrimage practices every Sunday at 8PM Eastern time. If anyone is interested you can reply to this post - email me: or even hit me up on the game - SN: Raiza You can visit us at I'll be seeing you guys on the battle field. Raiza
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