lynda, fred, and will

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lynda, fred, and will
if you have not read the novel "first strike" and do not wish to know anything more, do not continue reading. what happend to them, i assumed that they might be part of the game. considering they did survive, would anyone elese have liked another spartan or two for help?- or would it ruin the game experince.
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Joe Staten commented awhile back that a lot of the stuff added by the novels-- and indeed all of what was in activities like I Love Bees-- doesnt' really get addressed within the games, but was made to give extra backstory to the experience of playing the games.

The games really have to stand on their own, and most-- myself included-- consider them more authoritative than other sources wherever conflicts occur.

Some additions-- like multiple spartans-- were left out because they couldn't be worked into gameplay. It'd be hard, I think, to make that experience authentic and fun. A Spartan would have to be stronger than a marine, for it to make sense-- but there are other things, like driving, that Marines do poorly, and to have Spartans as story characters that are somehow inferior to the MC-- well, I think that'd break verisimilitude.


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