Scarab Eats Warthog

Warthog On Scarab Bigwig pointed out it's possible to get a Warthog up to the set of bridges in Metropolis that you drop down from to board the Scarab and destroy it; beyond that, it's possible to actually drive the Warthog into the Scarab. He captured a few short films, which we combined into this small movie (download requires login; click the headline above and then look for the attachment below). The quality isn't great, but you can make out the Warthog getting into the Scarab.

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It isn't working

ummm... this video just comes up w/ some text when i try and stream, and tells me that "Halo 2 1.MP4" cannot be found when i download it and try and watch it from there.

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Looks like the QT file had an external dependancy. I'm removing it now. You might still have to right-click and save as to get the file, but it should play after if you have QuickTime installed.


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warthog on scarab

haha, my friends and i actually did this a few days ago. I was just searching around to see if anyone else had. It was very hard to get that warthog up the stairs.

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