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Beating Halo2 Legendary.....and pwning Narc and Noc

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Beating Halo2 Legendary.....and pwning Narc and Noc

Well on the weekend I finally beat Halo2 Legendary and last week on Heroic.
I have the reractions of a cat now after 20 hours of madness playing straight.....but no sleep heh.
ok so I used some "technical assistance" (modchip) in the older Xbox to find out how bad Leg was; and "its bad real, bad" in Sarges words.
Just getting off the ship and getting past all the elites in the boarding parties is bad enough.
Everything shoots fast , you die in a second if you stand there and take aim and things are tougher to kill.
You will die lots if you can't dodge,jump,shoot at the same time.
Save weapons by taking them to checkpoints and stockpiling them works well.
Anyway the end movie is great and wait now for H3 on Xbox 2 with its 256 meg videomemory.
Now I can roam around looking for secrets, thats half the fun , exploring places :)
IF Narc and Noc are reading this ..well remember I 0wNz j00 0h yez u n0e it :^)

"You have never really lived untill you have nearly died"

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Well, with a ping of 500+ you probably would own me.

My copy should be arriving here in the hinterlands within a day or two.

Want a rampancy clan invite?


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hey dude di u get a new level

hey dude di u get a new level or like the fuel rode

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