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My Music Video Anonymous (not verified) 09.04.07
Trickity Trick Five Anonymous (not verified) 09.25.07
Summer Slaying HBO Junkies LAN blackstar 09.02.03
Asshole blackstar 05.26.02
Crota's End Necrochasm Only... blackstar 07.27.15
Plasmarines BOLL 04.08.06
Yellow Banshee BOLL 04.08.06

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Halo Theme Orchestra Edition /... Anonymous (not verified) 08.07.07
Uphill, Both Ways 123_presto 05.09.10
Tribute for Orchestra Andybeano 04.24.08
Installation 04 for String Orc... assisstion 02.01.12
Tribute for Piano beokabatukaba 07.31.10
Black Snow (original piece) beokabatukaba 10.03.10
Earth City for concert band Callmeperm 02.15.10

Man I sure do love Halo! NM

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Man I sure do love Halo! NM

Next post will be better. But I also love Ninjas

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Well, everybody...

...loves ninjas. Incidentally, I wonder how one gets to be the "official" ninja page. I mean, who do you apply to?

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