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no weapons mode

is there someone who ever imagine a no weapons mode in halo 2 ? Think of being chase by an elite running for your life just after escape from a covenant jail ,u got no gun you turn to face the elite press the shoot button a kick go right in the face of the elite then u punch it with the melee attack button to knock off is shield, He lever is plasma rifle u crouch use tap the melee attack button and the shoot button twice and then the mc just grab the plasma rifle (if u got it correct) and shoot im in the head pretty crazy right?

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melee only

Well, you could simulate something like that with the current game. Just empty a plasma pistol before you go into battle :)

Halo 2 will have a combo melee attack, we've seen it already in the E3 realtime demo. I doubt we'll see kicks; this isn't Oni

However, it might be possible once the Halo Editing Kit comes out fo the PC to make such a gametype for Mac/PC Halo. Removing all the weapons might not be that hard. Adding in a kick attack might be.

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We want flying round-house ki

We want flying round-house kicks, and we want them now!

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