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Halo 2 Engine??

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Halo 2 Engine??

Hello everyone.

I have heard before about Unreal T 2003 GPU-Engine was something to do whit halo. Now the point is was Halo PC or Halo2 created in Unreal T 2003 Engine ??

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Absolutely not.

Bungie takes pride in creating their engines from scratch. As a result they often recycle older code for use in their new engines. An example is that there is probably still remnants of Myth in Halo and vice versa Myth contained bits from Marathon. Although they try to convert and update their code as much as they can, Bungie will never be able to update their code entirely unless they start with nothing (besides, it's fun for us to find). So Halo's engine and rusultingly, Halo 2's engine are both designed in house by Bungie, or I guess you could say Microsoft (ew!).

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Vic Mitkal
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True, to a point

Well, it certainly is true that the original Halo engine, developed for Macs and PCs pre-buyout was intended to be an RTS, and then became a third person shooter before evolving into its current form as an Xbox FPS.

However, going all the way back to Marathon's roots for Halo 2 is a bit much. I doubt there'd be much left from a game that old except perhaps something little affected by advances in graphics and sound technology-- like string handling, perhaps. Far from containing legacy Marathon code, I think it's probably likely that there's very little code in Halo 1 from those early days of the game as an RTS-- let alone in Halo 2.

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