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Okay, this isn't so much a trick as a failed attempt at one. Like many players taking their first spin on the wheel of pain that is Halo 2's Legendary difficulty setting, I got hung up on the second hangar bay. All my marines were dead, all my weapons empty, all my grenades gone, and there were still about a half-dozen Elites pacing back and forth behind the portable shields. One of them wielding a sword. [image:8926 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0] I tried arming the Marines in the room with better weapons: plasma rifles, battle rifles. No apparent effect. I tried using the plasma cannons on the upper balcony: out in the open, though, you only last a couple of seconds, which wasn't enough to take out a significant number of Elites. Running away is no good because the passageways in the floor to the next area don't open until you kill everything in the room. [image:8925 right hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0]At last what I figured I needed was more firepower; and thinking back it occurred to me that I knew where to get it: the beginning of the level, which was positively teeming with weapons and ammo. [image:8928 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0]But how to get it? The door to the Commons area closes and locks once you head towards the first hangar bay. So what I'd have to do would be start the level over, and carry all those weapons down to the door past Commons before going into the hangar. Simple, right? Sure. Simple and tedious. I don't know how long it took, although for the dual-wieldable weapons it is fairly simple. It's a relatively easy process to take, say, a plasma rifle and a plasma pistol back to the weapons racks at the beginning of the game, swap the PR for a BR, and the PP for an SMG, and then dual-wield a second SMG. Then I run down to Commons, drop the second SMG and swap the first SMG for another PP and the BR for a PR. [image:8927 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0]After quite awhile, I built up an impressive-looking pile of weapons just outside the Commons area, before the stairwell leading to the first hangar bay. However, to my shock and dismay, once I moved towards the bay and triggered the checkpoint that locked the door behind me, most of the weapons, specifically the human ones, had disappeared. [image:8929 right hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0]


that sucks that they all disappeared.. did you end up getting past the bay?

This was my first attempt on the game at legendary, and I haven't played since the weekend, so no. ---- Rampant for over five years.

my advice on legendary is simply to use a Plasma Rifle. it rips apart the Elite shields much better than the human Submachine Gun. try and couple these two together - that way you can take down their shields effeciently with the Plasma Rifle and have the Submachine Gun on hand to unload into their flesh. double Plasma Rifles work quite well too, although they overheat easily (whereas the Submachine Gun lasts longer shooting non-stop - possibly a better alternative, to use one of each) the first hanger isnt too tough, use your Plasma-Submachine gun combo and jump striaght in firing at one Elite and immediately take cover, then just keep popping out and firing a few shots at the continuously before taking cover again. you'll slowly wear them down. just make sure you take the time to charge your shields when needed and dont let theirs charge. with the last set of Elites - the dual-wielding ones in the last hanger, get a Plasma Pistol and a Battle Rifle, charge up Plasma shots and hit the Elites from a distance, then switch to Battle Rifle and go for Body/head shots. repeat until all are dead. its frustrating and quite hard, but ive managed to do it, so i dont see why others cant.

straight after the armoury where Sergeant Gunns (the marine who fits you out in your new armour at the start) is killed, fight your way through onto the balcony section where the Grunts and Plasma Cannon is. from this balcony, you can jump up onto the roof of the section above the armoury. here, you find a section of 'floor' which is essentially the roof of an elevator on - you cannot access it(its the elevator Johnson arrives in during the first cut-scenes in the armoury). use the scaffholding-like beams to find your way up onto a platform above the roof of the elevator and their should be a bin. knock this out the way and the you find the skull.

All you need is a full BR and a full plasma pistol. Don't bother with the SMGs, they're useless. Pop their shield with a plasma shot, shoot them in the chest with a burst of BR. Add grenades to taste, if you run out of BR, take the one near the stairwell on the right. Concentrate on the elites, because more elites come if you kill all the grunts. Kill the grunts only after you've killed a wave of elites. Once the last wave comes out, the one with the dual wielding and sword-toting elites, back up and let them come to you. This is the lesson for the rest of the time that you are fighting elites: you only ever need two weapons. A plasma pistol and a battle rifle or carbine. Use other weapons for special applications only (ie: Sniper rifle on snipers, rocket launcher or vehicles) until you fight flood and brutes. All other weapons are useless against elites. Remember: Battle Rifle and Plasma Pistol.

If you want to beat many levels on legendary with ease just use the battle rifle or the carbine and plasma pistol combo. Charge the plasma pistol, hit the enemy and shoot them in the head with the battle rifle or carbine. It's just that easy...

Just goto and look for the skull section. It tells you where and how to get all of the skulls that are hidden through out campaign. I've gone there and trust me, they all are there and if you like a challenge... go hunting.

how do you find the skull for invulnerability

There isn't one you ass clown!!!! That would just ruin the game Where ever you heard about this from they must be retarted