Kutaragi Best Of Showmanship At E3?

Newsweek seems to think that Sony's strong-but-silent approach won over E3 attendees, opposed to Microsoft's MTV extravaganza. Thanks Major Nelson.

Worth pointing out is one major gaffe in the article, in the following quote:

Because Sony is the leader—it has more online users in North America than Microsoft has globally—the burden is on Microsoft to prove that it can knock off Sony's crown, or at least tarnish it.

At the very least, this quote should not have the word "online" in it. If it means to say that Sony's installed base of consoles in North America is larger than Microsoft's, that is true-- but not online. Halo 2 has put Xbox Live way above the numbers registered by Sony's online console offerings.

UPDATE: Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi has also been quoted as referring to Microsoft as "not a threat". GameSpot has a record of the mudslinging between Xbox officer Robert J. Bach, Kutaragi, and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, translated from a Japanese language interview in Asahi Shinbun.