The Forums area lists the message boards available at, a description of what the message board is for, the number of posts in each forum and the date the most recent post was added.

Rampancy has three forums: Community, FutureMyth and Spam. The Community forum is for general discussion, although since this site's inception as The Core it has been dominated by discussion of Halo (or, in some cases, current events). The FutureMyth forum is for the discussion of those games that have inherited the legacy of Bungie's Myth series, including Myth 3 by Mumbo Jumbo and Bungie's own Phoenix (don't call it Fantasy Siege) project. The spam forum is for discussion of other off-topic issues.

Currently all forums at are unmoderated; posts will appear as soon as they are submitted. However, if a forum was moderated the username of the moderator would also be displayed here. On a moderated board, posts must be approved before they appear on the site.

In most Rampancy themes, there are direct links to each of Rampancy's three forums in a box labeled forums as well as displays for the most recent 5 threads in both the Community and FutureMyth forums.