Forum Indexes

Clicking the listing of a Forum on the Forum page, or a direct link to a forum index from the forums box on the main page will bring you to a list of the posts in that forum.

By default, this display resembles WebBBS reverse threaded view, with posts displayed in a hierarchcal manner; posts are displayed in a list according to what post was a reply to what other post, and then chronologically from newest to oldest.

In this mode the window for controlling the forum display, called the Control Panel, appears at the bottom of the index.

Posts are each displayed on one line in this mode, and the information is in the following order: subject, poster, timestamp, and rating.

For registered users who have logged in, the subjects of messages posted since your last login are tagged new.

Clicking on the subject of any post will display that post. Clicking on the name of any poster will display that user's profile.