Prophet The spiritual and political leaders of the Covenant are the Prophets, with their hovering chairs and their elaborate headdresses. They are guarded by Elites and, although not as physically imposing as them, are supposed to possess deadly and "unique" attacks. At one point Bungie mentioned the possibility of being able to distinguish individual Prophets from one another by their headdresses. Prophets may have specialized, individual roles in Covenant society. At least two specific prophets have been mentioned in various places: the Prophet of Truth and the Prophet of Regret. The Halo 2 manual says their significance is "administrative or religious in nature" and notes they have never been seen on a battlefield, and never captured or killed.

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haha ive killed one

never been seen or killed eh i think everyone who plays halo 2 will say differently

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you missed one

you missed the Prophet of Mercy. And everybody who's finished Regret will have killed the Prophet of Regret...or did they?

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The text was written prior to release and intended not to have any known spoilers in it; post-release these and other sections of the Guide are being revised.

Rampant for over five years.

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u do kill a prophet in halo 2

u do kill a prophet in halo 2...

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