Warthog On Scarab

Extremely small still frame from Bigwig's movie of getting a Warthog inside a Scarab. Don't complain about the quality; this was just made to have an illustration to go with the main item.

Rampant for over se7en years.

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That has got to be the absolute worst picture i've ever seen. You may concider a new camera.

First of all, that's not my camera-- that's the camcorder Bigwig used to make the movie. It's just a still shot extracted from the movie.

Secondly, did you see the text under the photo? The part that says this was just to have a little 100 pixel thumbnail next to the story, that the photo would look horrible at a larger size, and not to complain about the quality?


Rampant for over five years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

I the beggining you would fight some enimies and the would come through the alley. While your men are fighting go to the alley one with that has some shit ate the corners of the wall. I f you look above you will notice a ledge so then do a crouch jump or throw a grenade and get on top of it. After that go to a rooftop by jumping but make sure you dont fall because thier is somrthing on top of which block your jumping. Go through some rooftops towards the gate where the hunters come in. Take a left and you should see a bridge and make you way their by jumping. After you get thier go on top of that tiny wall at the side of the bridge. You shuld see a dropship coming in and wait for a checkpoint. After the checkpoint do a VERY good crouch jump and get on to the rooftop. Notice their would be no enemies till you fall to the ground and you would hear a guy singing. In this area there is big crack in the building that has energy sword with blood all over. In this area there is also a sniper rifle in one the buldings in the middle of the village but to enter it you need to get on the balcony.Ifyou go a bit further you get on another rooftop with a broken wall and get inside and operate the turret and kill the covenants and the wont notce you were thei usually and their might be grunt thier with the turret. Keep going forward by jumping around you should be by a sign saying Zanzibar. Then you would finally have to drop down and finish the level by fighting

need help getting it