The most-seen of the Halo 2 maps to date, Zanzibar is an asymmetrical map on a beach setting, perfect for games like Assault. The defending team has protective structures and walls, including a working gate, while the assaulting team starts on the beach with vehicles and must press through a choke point to reach the base. The large fan structure conceals a plasma sword that can be retrieved by a variety of methods (including rockets or grenades).

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A lot of the maps are a lot darker this time round which, if used correctly could be great, but I feel that you should still have the option of being able to use the flashlight somehow. I am still deciding whether or not I like the idea of no health bar. Big if.

Midship is very similar to wizard except the whole map is inside an alien ship with a central structure much like wizard

the gate on the right side of the lage building can be opened inside