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Ancient Artifact

Of all the images that flash on the screen during Cortana's "transmission" in the Halo 3 announcement trailer, this one is unique. It seems to show some artificial structure-- or perhaps two of them, the rectangular areas on the left looking like some girderwork or perhaps a catwalk, with a cylindrical object in the distance on the right.

A cryo chamber?

Rampant for over se7en years.


maybe she's going over her memories really quickly, in the rampant process, she remembers the cryo chambers of PoA. She reminds me of the AI in "I,Robot" now.

Looks like a ship. Like a human frigate from Halo 2. Perhaps a last-outpost of Humanity somewhere? The large right-angle object dominating the left side of the image could be a shipyard?

Or it's prolly not even a serious picture. If you flip the picture upside down, look at the object above the thick isolated white bar, it looks like a grunt. The other object standing above the darker object, not far from the grunt, looks like the MC fishing! I dunno, I kept staring at it and that's what I saw.

Okay, nothing groundbreaking, but during the Halo 3 trailer, you can see the destroyed birdge and city in New Mombasa from Regrets carrier, right? Well, since this artifact is quite near the bridge and stuff, could this be a reason why Regret landed in New Mombasa? Who knows? Maybe he was looking for it or something... Oh well. Nothing groundbreaking. He he, get it? Groundbreaking? From the trailer. Nevermind. -Johny117

Yep, thats what i've been thinking.

-Bs Halo rks
from HBO forums

Desk! Looks like 2 of them actually. The cheap plastic kind you can buy at sam's. With some stuff on them and a heavy blue filter on. If you kind of squint you an see what looks like the outlines of 2 chairs, one in the bottom left (or something else square shaped at that angle) and the other one is in the middle on the right, right above the 2nd desk. Bungie was probably just looking for some scary filler crap and took a pic (just to mess with us) and put it under some neat filters and made it one or two frames in the video. Never know, just a guess, but i dont see the whole human cruiser thing..