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Trick Submitter Datesort icon Level Summary
Bungie's Destiny Falls Into Shadow narcogen 03.20.13

Umbra Software, makers of Umbra 3, have put up a blog post about how their middleware is being used for world creation and rendering in Bungie's Destiny. They'll be doing a presentation on it at GDC this year as well.

Crashed Phantom on Metropolis narcogen 02.12.13

While fooling around on Metropolis at Heroic difficulty, I noticed this crashed Phantom. Normally this Phantom drops off the second Wraith tank when you advance far enough along the bridge. However, in this case, when it appeared, I was with two marines in a Warthog. When the Phantom and its Banshee escorts arrived, I returned to the beginning of the bridge to retrieve the Scorpion tank. When I advanced 3/4 along the bridge, I found the Phantom embedded in the bridge surface, with the Wraith still attached below.

In the first sequence. the marines kill the Wraith pilot, and shortly thereafter, I think you can hear the Wraith fall and hit the ground. In the second sequence, I used the Scorpion to push the Phantom free; the Wraith later falls, more or less intact.

As I wasn't on that half of the bridge when it happened, I don't know how the Phantom got stuck in the bridge to start with.

Out Of Tsavo - With A Warthog narcogen 02.10.13

DeinOlsen gets out of the Halo 3 level Tsavo Highway using a Warthog.

[T]rickity Trick 6 (YouTube) narcogen 02.10.13

DevinOlsen has uploaded his classic Halo 3 trick video to YouTube.

Trickity Trick 5 (YouTube) narcogen 02.10.13
Siege of Madrigal in Halo narcogen 02.10.13

DevinOlsen confirms that the old Myth easter egg in Halo-- that a certain point outside the control room will play the track "Siege of Madrigal" still exists in the Anniversary edition of the game.

Trick jump on the Pit yoursaviorgamer 06.14.08 The Pit

When playing someone on the pit your always getting killed and beaten by enimies that are camping in the upper room. This is a way to go up their yourself or kill other up their. First grab the brute shot off of sniper tower and walk right below the doorways to the upper room. Take a step back and get a running start at the wall and jump. I the air brute shot almost strait down 3 times and you will end up in the room.

HeadLonger (Outta Headlong) Skull-Seeker95 03.10.08

Hello all Limit-Haters,

If you hate the limit on Headlonly, Hate no more! I was playing juggernaut with my lil' Bro' last night and we were trying to get outta Headlong, and we succeded. I was looking for the golded Warthog(which i still dont know existis), and i relised i had to get out of the level first, so just follow these steps and you'll be out in no time!:


1.Make the rules juggernaut with fast speed, oversheild and damange resitance(for other players and juggernaut) and banshees on map.
2.Get the juggernaut in the banshee and fly up to a ledge, if you dont know were it is, it could be hard to find.
3.Fly to were the warthogs spawn and then fly up, its right there.
4.Once up, get out of the Banshee and push it off the edge, without you falling, then player two flies up.
5.When you both up, fly the banshee a couple of feet away from the lowest edge, and hover there, let player 2 jump on the very tip, of the nose of the banshee.
6.When the player is on, fly about 1cm, to let the player get in a good spot, then full boost to the top of the ledge, as soon as the banshee gets to the top of the ledge, the player MUST jump or he and the Banshee will be pushed down.
7.Your Out!, it is very fun up here and the Guardians cannot kill you, there is one ledge that you might have some trouble jumping up, but you can make it up, ive fully investigated then area.

I'm still trying to get up higher, to the warthog, but if it isnt up there, this is a very good sniping spot and a very fun, ivisible wall view.

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!

Bungies worst nightmare X(

Evil 343 Guilty Spark Skull-Seeker95 03.08.08

Hello all,

I don't really know how many people know this trick but its pretty fun to do. All you have to do is go to forge on any map and spawn up a Spartan Laser and charge it up, 1 mili-secound before it fires turn into 343 GS. If done right, it will be campgain all over again, as 343 GS turns lethal, this can be done with the Sential Beam, but is much, much hareder.

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!

Making things Evil since Halo:Combat Evoled

Windmill-Keeper (Mod-Chip not needed) Skull-Seeker95 03.08.08

Hello all Halo-Fans,

I recently stumbled across this trick while playing juggernaut on Zanzibar. First, you have to jump on the part of the windmill that lifts you up, as soon as it gives you the chance, jump on top of the bridge(The thing that you shoot down, and makes noise when you walk on it, which should not have been shot down yet). After this, do the same with another person, then bring the juggernaut up, which is really hard because he MUST!!! be fast and he sometimes jumps over the bridge. When you are all up, it gets to the hard part, No0b1 has to jump on n0ob2's head, without falling, while the juggernaut jumps on top of them and then he makes a very, VERY sharp jump th the edge of the Windmill. As soon as you land DO NOT JUMP!!!!!, RUN UP THE WINDMILL INSTANTLY!!!!. If done correctly, you should not be owned by Guardians, pushed off, or be just plain stupid enough to fall. This is the perfect view of the whole map , for and ideal sniping post.

(Mod-chip not needed)

-Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!!!!

You wont Regret Reading this... Skull-Seeker95 02.18.08

Sup every1,

Just found a new trick, well, not JUST but recently. You can be on any difficulty, and the level has to be Regret (This works better on single player, i dont no why). 1st, do the level up intill you have owned the hunters and the lift has showed up, kill the covent on the lift and pick up any weapons you wanna have, then find some PLASMA! nades and walk to the edge of the lift facing the temple were the jackles were. Now read closly, through the nade so it stays on the very edge of the life. Then about 2 secounds and then jump towards the building, if this is done correctly you should land safely on the building. Its pretty dark, so use your flashlight. Theres not much over there, and you can get up to the higher levels, but that isnt worth explaining.

Skull-Seeker95 4 Life!!!!!


Skull-Seekers Rising Skull-Seeker95 02.17.08

Sup every1,

New gut here and got some tricks and some questins. On zinibar you will need 2 heartless no0bs and and guns ( swords will be better). Wat u will need 2 do 1st is go to da iron shutters and chop the first 1 closed ( chop the colloums holding them up). Then go outside and jump on the windowcill and then jump on toppa the iron shutter (if u slash the shutter at all it will fall) then no0b 1 will need to stand outta the way while no0b 2 jumps over. After this, noob 1 has 2 stand as close to the edge as no0b can while n0ob 2 jumps on his head and on to the roof, this is alot simpler that gay sword slashy shit, so listen to S.S.95.There is not really anything up there but a good snipe post and a nice veiw, if any 1 nos sumpthing else plz tell me, mostly about coaug or zinibar. Thanx

Skull-Seeker 4 life X(

...Goddam Skullz

Tough Luck narcogen 01.16.08 Tsavo Highway

Tough Luck is a gold skull. It is the first skull on the third level, Tsavo Highway. As a gold skull, it offers an achievement and 150% bonus on campaign scoring. In return, enemies will have much better luck dodging your grenades, needles, vehicles and plasma bolts.

After emerging from the end of the first shielded tunnel and onto the Tsavo Highway, walk along the edge of the gorge to your left. Jumping carefully down onto the bridge support, walk around the edge of the supports to your left until you reach a stone ledge with this skull.

Enemies' improved ability to dodge seems to work best for them against long range fire from slow projectiles, like those from a needler. If you're used to delivering stickydooms at very close range, you shouldn't see an impact here. However, Brutes especially will dive quite a distance out of the way from needler rounds, making it difficult to get kills with the weapon unless you're up close and personal.

This is another skull that it seems you can use almost for free on Flood levels, as dodging doesn't seem to be very important to them, although assimilated human and elite combat forms will do it.

easy way to get scarab gun spartanNO117 01.05.08

First get the sputnik skull in Quarintine Zone. Second go to the great journey and obtain the black eyed skull.Now go to the level Metropolis (whack enemies for overshield)and get a ghost get to the part where you need to save marines stuck in a building. Get a good distance from the wraith at the brigde. Face the bridge and wraith and get out of the ghost. Place to 2 frags under the Ghost and get in. Start driving foward (not fast or too much).You should go flying foward and land on a platform. Ride the ghost until you see a red caution sign with a scarab gun (disguised as a plasma rifle ) floating gon top of it. This should work if you do it correctly.

get to the top of hotel zanzibar negi springfield 12.14.07 Outskirts

first you will need to be on co-op and you must have sputnik skull

okay start off by u getting on to the roof tops and making your way to where the pelican comes and gets johnson.
do 'not' jump to the floor, instead make your way to the right side of the broken bridge

now get your partener to come to you if he has not come allready and use him as a step to
get on the building with the slanted roof and make you way to hotel zanzibar using the step technique(if your partener cant get up get him to kill himself).

once your there look for a small niche between the hotel and another building from here walk down until you see the edge of the map you can now grenade jump to the top of the hotel