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Zanzibar Superbounces by Outsanity

Note: The first superbounce is done on the side of the wheel that is looking toward the base, and the second is done on the side that the seawall is visible.

1. Get on the side of the wheel where the big crate is, across the gap from the sniper rifle and above the plasma rifle and the 2 grenades. There is a corner where the wheel merges with the ground. Crouch-walk into it, and your screen will start mildly shaking. Next, you have to jump out, and when you are in the air turn around so you are looking across the way at the sniper. Run and jump at the last possible moment toward the railing that is on the side of the ramp leading up to the sniper. Right when you land on the railing, press “a�. Generally, if you do a regular jump, you pressed “a� too late, and if you did a really small bounce, you pressed it too early.

2. Get on the opposite side of the superbounce in #1. There is another corner to crouch-walk into. But first, I shall explain where you want to land. See the big crack in the cement on the ground? If you stand at the edge of your elevated position, you should be able to see it. Ok, now crouch-walk into the corner. The same thing should start happening, a little shaking of the screen. Jump out and turn around in midair, and walk to the edge of the platform you are on. Jump first, then hold forward, hit the middle of the crack, and hit ‘a’ right when you hit the ground. You should, if done correctly, zoom up. While you are shooting up, you should be holding the direction of the wheel. You will hit the invisible wall capping the place, and start to fall rapidly, so it is kind of hard to actually get on top of the wheel. Note: sometimes, if you hit very close to the actual spot, you will get launched sideways or even fall through and get killed by the guardians.