Help! Ingame lag on single player.

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Hey, after playing Stubbs at a friends house I was hooked right away. I finally decided to get the game for PC, but when I play it theres a weird lag problem I have ingame. If I hold down the forward key (W) for like 2 seconds, then Stubbs continues to walk forward for 2 more seconds. If I hold down the key for 10 seconds, he will walk forward and keep walking forwards for 10 seconds after I let up on the key. During this time I can't do anything else, like turn around, eat brains, etc. and it's making the gameplay nearly impossible. I tried turning down the settings but still no luck. I have a fairly fast computer and can run other games (such as Half-Life 2) just fine on high resolution, good quality, and everything. If anyone knows what my problem is or how to fix it then please let me know here or drop me an email at . Thanks a bunch for all of yall who help!

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Re: Help! Ingame lag on single player.


I guess you should try downloading some more patches for the game!

I guess that might help you out!!

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I'm having the exact same

I'm having the exact same problem. If you found a solution post it here to e-mail me at

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Stubbs help

Have you applied the latest patch to Stubbs?

I only have the game for my Xbox, so I'm unable to help with Mac/PC issues.

However, I would strongly suggest going here:

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