Headphones and Dual processor oversight

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Every time I try to play Stubbs with my headset, only the Nvidia intro plays. After that everything is silenced. It works fine without a headset, but it's extremely annoying to have to restart a bunch of times, since my headphones are like hardware, and they're USB. So when I finally get to even play the game, after about twenty minutes or so, everything speeds up. My character, the enemies, and the sounds skip out when they interrupt each other. My best guess at this is that the engine doesn't support a dual processor.

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Re: Headphones and Dual processor oversight

try starting the game by eliminating all other unnecessary processes that are running

that might help you in getting a good start!

don't wait for the world to change,just change the world !! Laughing out loud

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i cant read anything on this

i cant read anything on this page

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