Halo3 Legendary... pwn3d! Myth still rulz btw

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Halo3 Legendary... pwn3d! Myth still rulz btw

So after 8 hours and lots of frustration Leg has fallen beneath me.
Now I can go back and look at all the amazing detail that H3 has.
I love the work the guys did .. very nice ,smooth.. few H2 glitches are there but nothing too serious
This game rocks so much I bought a new 360Pro to play it on.
Now all I can say is we wait for Durandal to appear with his Jjaro Dreadnought and tell us they are on their way back to fix up what the Foreunners messed up with the Flood :)
Cortana has to realise she is an incarnation of Leela by now.

Hayabusa armour.....

Who else thought that the ending had holes so wide you could drive a Puma through it :)
So the story continues....
Jason Jones should write his own Black Company novel hehe

on to co-op!!!
kix Narcogen on the way out.. sorry about the ankle :)

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