Getting atop coagulation and how!

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Getting atop coagulation and how!
For anyone one who's interested, here's how to get to the top of coagulation. I'm not looking for insults about how I’m wasting my time or how I should just play the game because I do what’s fun for me. Anyway here's how. First make a game type that has ghosts, wraiths, banshees, and over shields. Next go to coagulation. Once you get there get in a banshee and fly over to red base. Facing the front of red base to the left is a cliff wall that is slanted to about a 50-degree angle. Go fly up there with the banshee and get out of it. The banshee may not stay up with you but it doesn't matter. Next take a wraith with someone else and bring it to the secluded area behind red base. Take it and boost up the left wall to get to where you took the banshee. On the left middle side of the cliff part you are on, have the person that came in the banshee back up against the invisible wall. Now take the wraith with the other person and line it up with the person against the wall. Boost into them with the wraith and if you are relatively near the right spot they will go through the invisible barrier and land on top of the map. If it doesn't work try again because it is really easy. If you have further questions please ask and I will clarify. This does work; I have done it many times so if you are interested please try it. Once you are up on top of the map you cannot come back down due to the invisible barrier.
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