My goodness, this is my first big Forge Project. It turned out quite well, methinks.

As it stands, I am in need of some testers- There will be a MP test this Friday, 12/28; No time set of yet. However, If you do like it, or find a problem, [b]please[/b], let me know.

The screenshot doesn't really do it justice- you have to, er, see it to believe it. (I hate clichés.)
Also, if this first test is successful, I.E. positive feedback, there will be another.

[b][u]Suggested Gametypes:[/u][/b]
[i]Team Slayer
Capture The Flag

It supports all types, and fairly well, but team-based games seem to fare best here.
On a side note, All 4 soccer balls are in the map; however, only three can be seen during normal gameplay.
The fourth can only be found in a Forge match or a 50% Gravity match. Heck, maybe even 75%, or 90%. I don't remember.

Provided you get out of the flow of gameplay, I have placed man-cannons for you to get back in.