assault rifle
brute shot
plasma rifle
plasma sword
rocket launcher
sniper rifle
power drainer
Starting map: 
A symmetrical map divided by a large barricade with ramps and platforms going up each side.

A symmetrical map where both sides are divided by a large barricade with ramps and platforms going up each side. The only means of traveling to the other side is at the far end of the map, either on the ground floor or on the elevated platform. The other way to get to the other side is by taking the mancannon, which shoots you through a hole in the barricade. Unfortunately, due to some bullshit physics glitch, the mancannon shoots you to the highest platform on the barricade rather than through the hole. Standing behind the mancannon and jumping on top of the gravity stream seems to shoot you correctly every time, but the fact that it works for me in Forge but not in Custom games is complete bullshit. At each far corner of each side, there is a teleporter in a "tunnel" (or whatever the hell you want to call it) that sends you to the top of the barricade in a closed off area that allows you to drop down a poop chute and grab the sword. Let me reiterate that there is a teleporter on each side that sends you to the same location. I cracked the doors in the base hallways slightly so that people can shoot and throw grenades to the other side, but cannot pass through the doors themselves.

This map's weapon layout was created with Battle Rifle start in mind (since that's how my clan plays Halo 3), so there are no BRs placed on the map. If you want to play this map seriously, switching out the Assault Rifles for Battle Rifles can be done relatively easily.

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