Pinned Down

"Pinned Down" is a beach invasion map. At the beach, it features 25 fusion cores set to instant respawn that rain down on the invaders (attackers). There is ample cover for the invaders to hide behind. At the wall, the attackers get to use machine guns and grenades. It takes a lot of skill for attackers to even get pass the wall. Also, it takes defenders some skill to avoid getting sniped from the sniper tower. About 45 seconds into the game, two mongooses will spawn for the attackers, and about 2 minutes into the game, a warthog will spawn for the attackers. There will also be a rocket launcher somewhere in the water at this point (by having it in the water, it makes the situation more life-like, as a real soldier probably wouldn't know where such a goody would be at). 3 minutes into the game, a spartan laser will spawn at the wall, and another will spawn by the windmill. This should balance out everything. Beyond the beach, there is ample cover for the defenders as the attackers move in. Camp Froman should be easier to take and will be less of a camp out than it was before via the said cover. In front of the base, there is a lot of cover for defenders to pick off any attackers unfortunate enough to be on foot. Inside the base, the flag spawns at its usual point. There is a bit more cover in this variant, so the attackers again need to be weary.

Below is a slide show of all the screenshots for this map.


You stole this from bungie favorites.

Did you notice who Favorites cites for authorship of the map?

Oh, yeah. ExplosionNova. The guy who posted it here.

How can he "steal" his own map?

Rampant for over se7en years.

its ok. But what about the propane tanks?

This map looks awesome!