Ender's Game Battle Room

The gametype I designed for this low gravity assault map can be found here
http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=15605885 , though feel free to adjust it to suit your style.

The map is a Foundry forge that attempts to recreate the battle room from Ender's Game. Whether you choose to eliminate the enemy before going to the enemy's gate or not is up to you. Once you bring the bomb to the gate, the round ends instantly.

Good luck, and good hunting.


You need to update your link!

Thanks friend, the link should be updated now.

Yo Squirrel! When I clicked on the gametype link it said file not found!

Might be faster to message him through Bungie.net-- not sure if he checks these pages for comments regularly.

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Uhh...I knida sorta don't know how to send messages on Bungie.net...
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