Mongoose, Inc.

[u][b]Mongoose, Inc.[/b][/u]

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[b][u]Map Description:[/u][/b]
Mongoose, Inc. is an almost-symmetrical map with a large floating platform in the middle of the large outer playarea, with ramps and stairs leading up to it. There is also a covered maze below this platform, with the shotgun down a hallway at the end of the maze.

Don't be fooled by the name...the mongeese on this map are only for decoration.

This map has been setup to work well with all gametypes, but focusing on the following:
[i]-Team Slayer[/i]
[i]-CTF (all types)[/i]
[i]-King of the hill[/i]

Mongoose, Inc. contains the following:
-2 Snipers
-1 Rocket Launcher (located on top of one of the mongoose cages)
-1 Shotgun (located at the end of the maze)
-1 Energy Sword (at the top of the first platform, before you go up the stairs to the top platform)
-2 Needlers (each one located inside the interior hallway)
-Plentiful BRs and a few less Carbines
-A few dual-wield combinations
-1 Man Cannon on each side that will shoot you up to the first level platform, right by the sword. Or, to the very top...if you can aim.
-1 Invisibility powerup
-1 Overshield
-1 Bubble shield (on the double open box by the forklifts)
-1 Regenerator (on the roof of the maze)
-1 Power Drain (on the 3-crate-stack by the semis)

Most of the fighting on this map will be done on the platforms, but I think you'll see I've made them very accessible. Also, only 2 power weapons spawn up there, so breaking a team's hold of the top should be easy with a little strategy.

Please Download/Rate/Comment/Enjoy!

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