The Eraser

For this map i decided to experiment with the idea of a safe spawn area for both teams to pick up basic weapons (dual wielding guns, BRs, and spare AR ammo). So each team spawns into the map in their blocked off safe spawn area and have a choice of rocketing out of the spawn in a slightly unreliable mancannon to get out there fast and loud or through one of the two teleporters that drop them into one of the three semi protected teleport outlets on their side of the map at random.

Non spawn room weapons are scattered about to keep people fighting over areas and give people more variety. Spare AR ammo is plentiful at the bases. If someone lasts long enough to need more BR ammo or had to rush out of the spawn without picking up a BR they have to venture further into the contested zone for spare ammo. Each team also gets free access to a single mauler, a needler, and a spartan laser spawn nearby, as well as a bubble shield and a grav lift.

At the center of the map on either side is the aforementioned BR spawn and a winding track for the two warthogs that spawn one on each side, Either team could easily take hold of one or both of the hogs in the rush forward for control, but the constrained movement space for the hogs and the limited view of the map from any place on the outer track limits their effectiveness. The 4 mongoose that spawn nearby are more accessible and easier to move through the map on, but none of the vehicles are really going to be able to get to full speed due to the winding trail of walls and the small amount of space that isn't taken up by the two teams areas or the central structure. The vehicles can at least take solice in the fact that their are plenty of places to hide from each teams spartan laser if they can move there fast enough.

The three level central structure dominates the view of the map from all angles and is meant to be stormed on all fronts to gain access to a decent supply of weapons for your team.
At the dead center of the ground floor is the coveted shotgun spawn, but it is well within the view of both bases and both warthog spawns so neither team is controlling the point without a fight. (especially since the pathways are just big enough to squeeze vehicles through down there).
Up the stairs one level is the second floor, with brute shots inside the tiny tunnels to the sides and a decent amount of cover from the warthog spawns it's ideal for taking shots at anyone who's just brought the hog to bear, but with minimal cover from the side facing the bases it's not particularly good to stay there for long.
The third floor is accessible through a charming grav lift poised right out in the open for everyone to see on either side. If you make it up you'll find a fantastic height advantage, great cover, and a sword you could have made much more use of while you were trying to get up there in the first place, and if you managed to somehow get up with the gravity lift equipment in tow you can straddle the invisible ceiling on top of the sword's home to get a hold of a vehicle busting grav hammer and two of the ever so novel flame grenades, or you could just grenade jump to get a pansy....i hope you get shot while your shield's down pansy.

This map is designed only for 2 team matches and would probably be best played with 8-12 people. I wouldn't recommend the map for oddball because their are a few places that are too easy to camp the ball in and i still haven't worked out a few map bugs such as a mysterious missing VIP goto point that is still missing in my geometry somewhere.

I would appreciate it if people would download the map and send me news of any noticed bugs in the map and any suggestions for how to make the map play better through the comments section or my private messages on (and for that matter some tips on how to how to still keep some of the stuff i did with the maps while making it look less ugly. The spawn room's walls and man cannon setup were harder to make then they look unfortunately and the result is a lot of weird piece choices.)