DOOM Evolution

I havent Made this map yet but it makes an ideal Infection map. This map contains the inside of the buildings in Sand-Trap(Make sure you use the 1 with a hole in the top or its no fun because the zombies cant get in!!!!!!!!). To make it you must block of all the doors so there is ABSOLUTLY NO WAY TO GET OUT AS A HUMAN ( it would help blocking the doorways with teleporters that are on active with the other doorways, make sure there facing in, and/or crates with portals behind them). If you go with the portals, its always fun if you make 1 node that leads into a pit of zombies or a fallin barricade of fusion coils for the avarage no0b to stumble across... He He He. Anyway, be sure to mske black zombies, with assult rifles, humans with pistols and load the DOOM room with A 5HIT LOAD OF PORTALS, GUNS AND NADES!!!!. If u have many crates and lots of time, you could use both rooms conneted by nodes. plz reply to this map!!!!!.

And dont use this link attached, i havent made the map and the link will take you god knows were!!!


Hey, this maps cool, he he he.