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Map made for race varients. Has several key features...including a ball pit and mancannon jump!

I have been a big fan of halo for a long time. through the years, I've found that when my friends and I had finished (or got bored of) killing each other in custom games we would spend hours just racing around the map in various vehicles. So, with this in mind I have created two race tracks in the Foundry level. This map, Circus, is the easier of the two maps. It is a somewhat short circut but is filled with some really fun little trick spots. There is an "excite bike" like small jump section, a bouncing ball pit, and a mancannon jump to a suspended upper level. This map is a ton of fun and my friends and I put a lot of effort into it. ENJOY!


The thing is... the screens do no justice to the map you really just gotta drive it!

Oh, and if you test it out...please leave comments!

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Re: Circus

Haven't Dl'd yet (@ work) but Looks pretty cool. Can you tell me how you got the sheild doors to make a light bride? I have been trying to perfect the technique but haven't gotten the hang of it yet. I know it only works for vehicles (players will fall tight thru unless there's something real underneath) and that they would bounce around on it but I can't quite get the sheild doors to lay horizantally...

I suppose you could use the old floating method to position them the way you want...hold it there... pause, save, quit, repeat... but I was wondering if you did something else. I'vr only been able to get angles so far.

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Re: Circus

Yep thats how you got to do was a labor of love and a huge pain in the butt Smiling

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