Back Alley (Lockout Remake)

Back Alley is a new twist on an old favorite. It is by no means an attempt to exactly recreate Lockout from Halo 2, however; as Lockout was my favorite H2 map, my brother and I tried to incorporate much of the same game play aspects into our Forged Foundry creation. The two main bases can easily be identified as the sniper tower and the BR tower from Lockout. We wanted a large area in between these two bases to create a good space for BR battles. I personally would play the map with BR spawns, however most people will probably just play it with the AR. After testing it with an AR spawn, we decided that having ample BRs throughout the map wasn't working. We instead positioned them at places likely for them to be useful, without making the BR the main weapon of choice. We also tried to limit ammo and re-spawn times for all of the power weapons. All of the 3 Maulers are on a 90 second re-spawn, and the sword/shotgun are on 120 second re-spawn. This is to try and limit the amount of camping in the bases, and increase the skill needed to successfully hold a base. We originally tested the map without the lift tower, however we found that the spawns were getting crowded with more than 8 people FFA, so we added a tower similar to the lift tower from Lockout to try to give the map a little better FFA value. So far, we haven't added or tested any objective based games. We're still learning to use Forge effectively, and felt that only worrying about slayer at first would help us stay focused on creating a playable map. Overall, the map turned out pretty well, and we didn't experience any major problems while testing using our limited friends lists. Also check out the "Runthrough" video also in my file share for a look at the map, plus some of the jumps we tried to incorporate. Any feedback is appreciated! Check out these pics too!