Se7enth Column


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Welcome to The Se7enth Column a small Asymmetrical map. I have designed the entire map around Bungie's
infamous logo.
With open areas and small winding corridors, I have created a map that can and will be loved by the masses.
No matter what fighting style you play there is something in this map for everyone.

some sections of the maps geometry and weapons will change depending on symmetrical or asymmetrical game type

best played with 4v4

battle rifle (10 sec and 45 sec respawn time)
covenant carbine (45 sec respawn time)
smg (10 sec respawn time)
spikier (30 sec respawn time)
shot gun (note does not spawn at start and has a 45 sec spawn time)
spanker (note does not spawn at start and has a 150 sec spawn time limited ammo)
sniper (note on asymmetrical it spawns on defenders side and spawns at start. on symmetrical it spawns on attackers side and does not spawn at start)

plasma nades
fire bombs
regenerator (does not spawn at start 45 sec respawn rate)
bubble shield (does not spawn at start 45 sec respawn rate)

starting area for the defenders also note that these are the 6th,7th, and 1st columns shown in this picture

2nd, and 3rd columns shown in this pictures

starting area for the attackers also not that these are the 3rd, and 4th columns shown in this picture

4th and 5th columns shown in this picture

here are some action shots

A sniper in the defenders starting area trying to take out the attackers occupied hill

Defending the flag one kill at a time

Attackers taking the side route for the score

A flag dash straight down the middle

Defending the hill

Pushing the attacker back with a plasma nade

[url=]DOWN LOAD[/url]

This map has been brought 2 u by DIVISION 69

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Some feed back would be appreciated. Thanks