Arterial Gorge

Arterial Gorge was designed to play like a hybrid of classic Blood Gulch and Valhalla, played best in long CTF games. It has not been thoroughly play-tested, but was built with the greatest of care. I encourage anyone who feels they can 'tweak' this map to do so and link it in this thread, so that I may further refine the Gorge.

Arterial Gorge has the following features:
- Sniper Rifle on top the base. (inspired by Blood Gulch)
- Shotguns inside the base. (inspired by Blood Gulch)
- One-way teleporters inside the base. (Inspired by Blood Gulch, inside to increase distance from flag grab and for aesthetics)
- Teleporter exits forward and right of the bases, the one direction man-cannons CAN'T shoot you. (Blood Gulch)
- A rocket launchers a short distance from each teleporter exit. (Blood Gulch)
- Active camouflage power-ups available not far from the teleporters. (Blood Gulch)
- Gravity Hammer in the center of the map.
- Ghosts available near each base. (Blood Gulch)
- Choppers available near each base. (Blood Gulch)
- Warthogs and Mongi available in the normal places. (Valhalla)
- Missile Pod available in the bottom of the bases. (Valhalla)
- Battle rifles kept fairly numerous.

Recommended Play Settings:
- Can be played with any game variant, but probably plays best for long multi-flag and multi-bomb games.
- Carbines or Battle Rifles as starting weapons for a more 'Classic' Halo feel. Alternatively, it should still play well with Assault Rifles like default Valhalla.

Version 1.0 released:
- Spawn points added, completing the map.
- Requires testing of teleporter exit placement and distance to rockets/active camo.

Hog Jockey


Im not quite happy with the teleporter placement and haven't gotten enough playtime on the map. If anyone plays around with it please post any responses so I can tweak as needed.