Elite Zombie on Infectionville

#### [b][u]ELITE ZOMBIE on INFECTIONVILLE[/u][/b] ####
The map Infectionville is meant to be played with game variant Elite Zombie. Otherwise the gaming experience will suffer.

"What would be a better way to start your forging career, than making a map and game variant combo, based on infection mode?"

This map is completely original. (Expect that Bungie made the game...)
It has been built over the original map High Ground. I deleted all the objects on the map, and built a map based on my game variant Elite Zombie.

#### [b]HUMANS[/b] ####
*Your mission is to defend your base and your fellow soldiers from a zombie invasion. You will start near the bunkers wall.
*There will be equipments and weapons near you. You should start by looking for some Trip Mines and Deployable Covers. *HINT*
*Most of the weapons around the base are weapons made by humans. You will also have some grenades lying around, and two custom power ups near the bunker wall.
*If you want vehicles, you can find some at the back of the base.
*The base has been slightly modified, that the approach of the zombie can be seen better.
*Memorize the place of the radar jammer, you can use it as a last resort to fool zombies senses, and use that time to escape.
*There is a teleporter in the base, that will teleport you to the beach. Beware, the beach is filled with zombie spawn points!

#### [b]ZOMBIES[/b] ####
*You mission is to get some BRAAAAIINNNNNSSSS!!!111
*There are many objects laying around the beach. Avoid contact with them, because humans can see you easily if they see barrels dropping to ground without any reason.
*There is an invisibility power-up near the cliff, grab it for slight advantage.
*Try staying under the radar, it will help you...


Elite zombie starts from the beach, and starts heading out towards the bunker. He has some slight advances compared to the zombies he will infect on the round. Normal zombies are weaker and their damage is lowered, so they should move in packs, and be more of a supportive group, so that elite zombie can snuck in the base with his poor camo.

Humans are pretty much the normal. Though last man standing gets some pretty bonuses due his adrenaline rush, being the last survivor.


Download map variant Infectionville, [url=http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=16494217]HERE![/url]
Download game variant Elite Zombie, [url=http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=16494583]HERE![/url]