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HALO First Srike Book #3, Who all has read it?

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HALO First Srike Book #3, Who all has read it?

I just finished the new book and I thought it was great.I knew the rebels had a part to play in this ongoing war (even though they only have a minor role in the book). All of you who thought the Rebels were already were dead need to read this book.


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Sorry for the extra "were" in there. I guess I should read it before I post it.


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I read it. It was so awesome.

I read it. It was so awesome. I'm excited as hell to see if the surviving Spartans make it into the game. I'm sure they will, but there is a chance they won't. So I am crossing my fingers.

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great book

i think this was the best book yet. It really creates a better story and leaves you wanting MORE MORE MORE!

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On Point

I see your point, but I think most of us wanted more anyway... at least in the form of Halo 2, if not another novel ;)

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shutup! i am just at the bit where cheif needs rebel help!

OI dont ruin it, the last words i read were they needed repairs after exiting ANOMALY slipspace and MC sed, he knew who could help

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No they are dead

Trust me the Rebels are dead, if I remember correctly the Acsdendant (spelt it wrong) Justice + The Gettysburg jumped out of the system with 30 covenant cruisers just entering the system. There is a large chance that the Covenant discoverd the Rebel base and melted the asteroid into slag.

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no the flood was the best boo

no the flood was the best book

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I just recently finished read

I just recently finished reading it as I wanted to have the go-between Halo 1 & 2. I does do a good job of filling in the gap. Now if there were one between Halo 2 & the possible (because you're left hanging) Halo 3. Maybe they will make 7 since there are 7 Halo's (correct me if I'm wrong). Sorry for spoiling some stuff about what the game reveals if you haven't gotten there yet.



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