Machines and Might - Halo: Legends

This is the song "Machines and Might" from the Halo: Legends Original Soundtrack.

Like many other songs that I make sheet music for, this is done by ear! The chords, though, were something that I have already been provided with, as seen when I did the "Sacred Icon Suite 2."
The sheet music may seem a little strange, and it may very well be off. But I tried my best to get it as accurate to the actual song, while still being able to play with two hands.
Also, to make the song easier, you can play most of the 16th notes as 8th notes instead (except the arpeggios in measures 13 through 20).

Anyway, I have provided the midi, the pdf, and the MuseScore (.mscz) file. Enjoy!


Editor's Note: To open the score, use the free MuseScore reader.

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Re: Machines and Might - Halo: Legends

Sounds great!

>this is done by ear!
How else would anyone transcribe music? Eye-wink

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Re: Machines and Might - Halo: Legends

i downloaded the file and tried to open it with musescore, but an error message popped up and said it had a bad file descriptor. What should i do?
or is your file just corrupted?

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Re: Machines and Might - Halo: Legends

Wait... are you saying you tried to open the .rar file in Musescore?

Neither of the files you've mentioned are corrupted, they are .rar archives. You have to decompress them first. Both of the archives you say you received "bad file descriptor" errors on are actually fine-- but you need to unrar them before you can open the PDFs, MuseScore, and/or MIDI files inside.

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