Request - Walking Away and We Remember

Hey I wanted to post 2 halo reach sheet music requests, the first one for We Remember and the second for Walking Away. These were a couple of the best songs on reach and i was disappointed with not being able to find em here. If anyone could transcribed either of these either of these for piano and email me when there on at, it would be highly apperciated.

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Tazzy boy28
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Re: Request - Walking Away and We Remember

I can't help you with we remember, but all walking away is, is "A Walk in the Woods" from the Halo OST maybe down a couple of tones.

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Re: Request - Walking Away and We Remember

Thanks, I've got Wing and Prayer which is basically the same as We Remember. But knowing that A walk in the woods is more or less the same as Walking away makes it easier to learn and play.

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